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Create Legal Binding Agreements with Escrows

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How it Works
A agreement between parties is written as code into the blockchain. The parties involved are anonymous to the outside world, but the contract is on the public ledger.
A triggering event like payment and scheduled completion dates are met and the contract executes itself according to the coded contractual terms.
Parties participating within an agreement, can safely commence a transparent trade, without the need to pay intermediaries (Middlemen); saving time, money and conflict.
Platform Features
Document Structuring

Legal documents, agreements and contracts that require tailor-made structuring, can be created in short time depending on the context of the document required.

Project Tracking

Alerts are produced and sent to authors of the document to keep them updated.

Authentication & Signing

The platform allows users to monitor the recipients particpartion where a document, contract or agreement needs a digital / electronic signature or any other form of authorization by a counter party.

Intergated Escrows

Users are presented with automated solutions to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract or agreement.