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We are Ready to Disrupt Multi-Trillion Dollar
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Use of DOCT tokens on the DocTailor Platform How DOCT tokens are used on the platform

DOCT tokens give users access to create smart tailor-made legal documents on the DocTailor platform. Every token provides users with "DocTime" which can be used to create contracts, agreements for use in over 100 different industries.

Every token used on the platform instead of fiat currency, adds extra time to the users account. Token users are awarded bonuses; in the form of access to exclusive smart document templates and free-feature time.

Token Uses


1. Token holder can either convert Doctailor pokens rewards to DOCT or ETH.

2. 5% of total revenue derived from the platform is allocated to all DOCT token holders every quarter.


DOCT tokens allow businesses in all sectors, to start accepting cryptocurrency securely and safely


DOCT tokens allow cryptoninans to spend cryptocurrency on websites, physical stores and for services.


DOCT tokens allow legal professionals and users to create legal smart binding contracts that deliver useful functionality and create business opportunities; at the same time earn the authors income, who op-in to having their document made available to other users looking for similar requirements.

Our Roadmap and


Q3 2017
Research &

Q4 2017

January 2018

March, 31st 2018
Alpha Testing

Q3 2018
Beta Platform

Q4 2018
Platform Launch

Q4 2018

Number Of Tokens On Sale

500M (500,000,000) DOCT, of which:

  • 300M to be available in tokensale.
  • 50M are reserved for ICO bonuses.
  • 100M retained by DocTailor.
  • 50M are reserved for early adopters in PRESALE
  • Ethereum ERC20
  • Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH (1ETH = 2700 DOCT tokens)

Benefits of Doctailor

Clause Selection

Users are able to select from an unlimited database of carefully formulated clauses that have been precreated by legal professionals from various industries.

Merging Clauses

Selected clauses can be merged into existing document templates to alter and create unique tailor-made contracts, agreements or documents.

Document Structuring

Legal documents, agreements and contracts that require tailor-made structuring can be created in short time depending on the context of the document required.

Document Formatting

Documents created on the platform can be downloaded in a varity of formats for external use. Those formats include Word, HTML, XML and PDF.


All documents templates and structures have been checked over before being uploaded to the platform for the use of platform users. The templates are also held on the blockchain to maintain clarity and transparency.


Alerts are produced and sent to authors of the document to keep them updated.

Contract/Document Management

All documents, contracts and agreements created by users of the platform can be stored and managed online.

Smart Contracts

Users are presented with automated solutions to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract or agreement.

Authentication & Signing

The platform allows users to monitor the recipients particpartion where a document, contract or agreement needs a digital / electronic signature or any other form of authorization by a counter party.

Meet the team

Sam Enrico Williams

Founder and CEO
Having built intelligent systems for the past 10 years, that have been implemented into corporate structures and organisations, Sam Enrico Williams brings a deep level and understanding of System Architecture. Sam has strong experience in Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and economy markets; needed to drive DocTailor to unprecedented levels.

Dominic Brown

Having successfully cultivated communities in China, USA and Europe to gain exposure for the development of ICO’s in the past. Dominic is adding operations and experience management to the role as COO. Having worked in the field of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies for over two years Dominic has seen the fluctuations of the cypto environment and can see the rationalisation through the chaos.

Alexandrine Masse

Senior Legal Officer
Alexandrine has won a prize in law competition. She has extensive experience in various fields such as finance (private equity, fundraising, investments, family offices), commercial and luxury real estate, communications, public relations, public affairs and diplomacy, media, education on an international scale and especially in France, in the UK and in emerging markets. She has worked closely with international lawyers for many years and has successfully won her own cases.

Saffron Weale

Business management graduate, senior manager in two of the largest Trading Companies in the UK. Played a critical part in undertaking the task of reforming both companies, leading each company to market dominance effectively in a short period. Managed social media campaigns, 100+ sales team and monitoring affiliate marketing campaigns meeting ROI. Also has a speciality in analysing forex markets.

Marco Zaratta

Italian Legal Counsel
With a relevant experience as in-house legal counsel, Marco is specialized in many Italian law fields with a focus on corporate law, real estate, bankruptcy law, intellectual property, joint ventures and procurement/public bids. He has a specific expertise in swift and business oriented drafting of a wide range of legal contracts.

Pavel Rubin

Blockchain & Software Developer
Mathematics and Electronics Graduate from Moscow State University. Data Scientist and Developer for Blockchain Ethereum contracts and live sports and betting statistics. Experienced ICO Developer and Consultant.

Victor Khomiak

Front-End Developer
Victor Khomiak has 5-year experience in web development. Victor offers experience and expertise in browser development tools, CSS frameworks and building and automation tools. Victor offers excellent hands on development skills in JavaScript, HTML, Version control, JavaScript Frameworks, Web Performance, Responsive Web Design, CSS, UX / Usability and overall testing of system infrastructure.

Khaja Aleemuddin

Data Management
Khaja specializes in formulating, devising and implementing efficient and secure procedures for data management and analysis with attention to all technical aspects of quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy, and legitimacy of data. Monitor and analyze information and data systems and evaluate their performance to discover ways of enhancing new technologies.


Chadwick Palmatier

Certified Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Professional
As Primary Consultant of a New Company, it's my job to help/advise in the areas of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency, ICOs, Exchange & Wallet Acct setup, as well as Trading/Investing Strategies.

Petro Levchenko

Cryptocurrency Advisor
A discretionary investment manager and consultant, specialising in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Having spent nearly a decade trading traditional currencies and currency derivatives for investment banks with an outstanding track record of performance as well as managing teams of traders, Petro has been focusing on active proprietary investment strategies in crypto space and active consulting for a few years.

Krystelle Galano

Crypto Marketing Advisor - Asia
A marketing professional, proficient in social engagement on all major platforms. Cultivated networks of over +60,000 blockchain supporters. A worldwide reach to bring exposure to any platform through a strongly developed network.

Abhijith Naraparaju

Blockchain Solution Architect
ICO expert, one of the few dependable ICO analyst on ICO bench. Working and building his position within the community for over 5 years. Abhijith has built a strong following as a dependable source of information a knowledge around cryptocurrency as a trusted blockchain solution architect.

Sash Jeetun

Research and development Analyst
Previous market maker for FTSE FMCG products, early investors in crypto currencies. Leveraging his deep interest Blockchain projects to begin his own cryto hedge fund in 2018. Sash's ambitions is to reinvent the way business is conducted. A more decentralised, open source and transparent marketplace.

Marco Mengele

Blockchain Compliance Executive
Highly experienced, Social Media Marketing and Blockchain Advisory, Marco Mengele has worked as the CEO of the Equality project, in the field of Education of Blockchaintechnologies. He also created the Crypto Trading Fund CTF and worked as Advisor and Core Team member in many other Blockchain projects.

David Drake

ICO Adviser
David has been involved in technology, media, telecoms, realty, hospitality, cleantech, energy and social impact investments for more than 25 years. He is an advocate of digital automation investing in private equity, compliance, capital formation policies and the US JOBS Act which he lobbied for in the US Congress and the EU Commission.

Vladimir Nikitin

Legal Advisor - Russia
With over a decade of legal experience specializing in the Russian jurisdiction. Areas of expertise: legal audits Magister Juris, economic law. Through Vladimir's journey, he has developed a strong network of over 25,000 contacts. These professional operate within the blockchain community or the legal industry.

Michael Buchbinder

Crypto Exchanges & Liquidity
With over 10 years of experience in traditional banking and blockchain, Buchbinder is a managing partner at Scandinavian Capital Markets, one of the largest and most trusted ECN brokers, from the Nordic region. He has an MBA from the University of Windsor and is a trusted crypto banker helping facilitate OTC purchases and exchange listings. Michael is interested in informing the public about altcoin and how to access the crypto markets.

James Sowers

Advisor & Crypto Expert
James is an experienced ICO and blockchain advisor.He has angel invested in over 40 startups and initial coin offerings such as Crypto Specialist LLC, Alchemist accelerator, Faster Capital, collective venture capital, GreaterGoodSociety, ICO Bench and a Member of Blockchain advisory council

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